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Metal Stampings for the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Metal Stamping

Pacific Metal Stampings is proud to offer high quality, cutting-edge stamped components to a wide range of clients in the aircraft, aerospace, and defense industries. With the ability to handle production runs of virtually any size and the capacity to manufacture components to even the highest industry standards, it’s no wonder that aerospace leaders have trusted Pacific Metal Stampings for their metal forming needs for more than 40 years. We offer custom parts from small electronic components, fasteners, fittings, and couplings to parts for seats, air-frames and more. Pacific Metal Stamping provides a cost-effective aerospace metal stamping solution for high-value tooling for any project. Our aerospace metal stamping services include Metal Forming, bending, and piercing.

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Aerospace Metal Stamping Industries

Custom stamped aerospace fasteners & components need to be durable and able to withstand a lot of pressure and fluctuating temperatures. Additionally, aerospace fasteners must be lightweight and versatile to keep fuel costs and aircraft weight down. Given the rapidly growing aerospace needs, our precision metal stamping services have the capability to work with a variety of aerospace industries including:

  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Business
  • Shipping

Aircraft Parts & Hardware

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality aerospace parts and fittings including aerospace bolts, screws, studs, pins, nuts, and other specialty products. The aerospace industry utilizes a variety of custom aircraft and captive fasteners including anchor bolts, self-tapping screws, cotter pins, shims, castle nuts, and more.

In addition to the many aerospace stamped parts we manufacture, our aerospace metal stamping services have the capability to produce a variety of head types including 12-point, dome, hex, rectangular, and round.

Aerospace Metal Stamping Materials

When you choose Pacific Metal Stampings for your metal fabrication needs, you will have access to aerospace and aircraft-grade fasteners. Pacific Metal Stampings works with a variety of materials to create custom stamped aerospace fasteners and components including:

Aerospace MaterialsDescription
Aluminum 6061 Excellent corrosion resistance, good weldability, lightweight strength, and versatility
Titanium Extreme temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant, highest strength to weight ratio
Waspaloy High-temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant from oil-based products, resistance to overheating & frequent thermal cycling
Inconel High tensile strength, temperature resistance, age hardenability

Waspaloy and Inconel are two of our high performing super-alloys most commonly used in the aerospace industry due to their ability to withstand high-temperature extremes and maintain resistance against deformation.

Aircraft Component Stamping Quality Control

  • Top-quality components - When choosing a custom stamping and metal fabrication partner, quality is always a top consideration. We are an ISO 9001 certified metal fabricator, and we use uncompromising quality practices in the manufacturing of all our components. Pacific Metal Stampings is also DFARS and ROHS Compliant.
  • Flexible solutions to accommodate your unique needs - Our Short-Run Processes give us the capability to produce parts in quantities from 250 to 250,000 and with the latest equipment in our fabrication shops, we can produce components in all sizes, shapes, and forms.
  • Cost-saving solutions - Saving you money by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions is our specialty. We save our customers up to 80% off conventional tooling costs.

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