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Haynes Steel Stamping

Haynes® Steel Stamping

Haynes Steel Alloy has been at the center of high-temperature alloys with its 188 and 25 blends along with Hastelloy as the standard-bearers for Aerospace and related industries. These alloys are best known for ultra corrosion resistance, and Haynes steel stampings are often used in the most corrosive applications.

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Haynes 25 Alloy Steel

Haynes 25 is a cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten based alloy with excellent strength and strong oxidation resistance. Its natural ability to handle wear and galling makes it an excellent material for industrial components and applications.

Haynes 188 Cobalt Steel

Haynes 188’s composition gives it exceptional resistance to corrosion. This cobalt-based alloy is commonly used in high-temperature environments like gas turbines, airframes, engine parts, and chemical applications.

With the extensive experience of our team and utilizing the latest technology and equipment, we offer high-quality Haynes steel stampings. Our staff understands the characteristics of Haynes Alloy allowing us to assist customers in finding the most cost-effective process for their Haynes stamped parts.

Finding the right metal fabricating partner is essential to the success of your project. Since 1968 customers from a wide range of industries have trusted us for their stamping needs. Contact a Sales Specialist today about Short-Run and long-run Haynes stamping for your key components.

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