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Hastelloy X Metal Stamping

Hastelloy X Metal Stamping

Known for its above-average forming and welding characteristics, Hastelloy X is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy that is preferred by the following industries:

  • aerospace
  • furnace
  • petrochemical
  • gas turbine engine

Pacific Metal Stampings understands the unique characteristics of this super alloy, and will help you find the most cost-effective Hastelloy X metal stamping process for your project.

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Characteristics of Stamped Hastelloy X Metal

One of the most versatile high-performance alloys, Hastelloy X has above-average forming and weldability characteristics, and is designed to withstand the most extreme environments. It is one of few metal alloys that is resistant to chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite and wet chloride gas, and also withstands exposure oxidizing salt and other corrosive agents. This outstanding resistance makes it ideal for chemical process and petrochemical applications. In addition, Hastelloy can be cold worked, and does not succumb to pitting, corrosion cracking or oxidizing in high-temperature environments (up to 1900 degrees F).

Hastelloy X Metal Stamping Applications

Pacific Metal Stampings specializes in Hastelloy X metal stampings and tooling. Common Hastelloy applications include:

  • Aircraft & afterburner components
  • Jet engine tailpipes
  • Cabin heaters
  • Chemical process components
  • Industrial furnace components

Tooling Hastelloy Components

Providing customers with Hastelloy X metal stampings that meet industry-leading standards, Pacific Metal Stampings offers custom metal tooling for the most rigorous applications. Founded upon craftsmanship and client-focused service, our team of metal specialists provide a range of stamping operations:

  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Piercing
  • Coining

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Pacific Metal Stampings is ISO 9001 certified and committed to quality throughout every project phase. With over four decades of experience, our team tailors stamping and tooling solutions to your unique budget and timeline objectives.

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