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Automotive Metal Stampings

Custom Automotive Metal Stamping Services

Pacific Metal Stampings is proud to offer high quality, cutting-edge stamping parts to a wide range of clients in the automotive field. With the ability to handle production runs of virtually any size and capacity to manufacture components to even the highest standards, it’s no wonder that automotive leaders have trusted Pacific Metal Stampings for their custom metal stamping and automotive forming needs for more than 40 years.

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Automotive Metal Stamped Components

Pacific Metal Stampings is an expert when it comes to manufacturing custom automotive metal stamping components & engine parts stamped from various materials and alloys. Our most common component parts include:

  • Coupling Joints (Quick Connects)
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Seat Latches
  • Component Assembly
  • Initial Development to High Volume Production
  • Finishing & Secondary Operations

Commonly Stamped Materials for Automotive Parts

When you choose Pacific Metal Stampings for your automotive needs, you will always enjoy:

TOP QUALITY COMPONENTS - When choosing a metal fabrication partner, quality is always a top consideration. We are an ISO 9001 certified metal fabricator, and we use uncompromising quality practices in the manufacturing of all our components. Pacific Metal Stampings is also DFARS and ROHS compliant.

FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS - We have the capability to produce parts in quantities of 50 to 250,000 and with the latest equipment in our fabrication shop, we can produce components in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

COST SAVINGS SOLUTIONS - Saving you money by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions is our specialty. We save our customers up to 80% off conventional tooling costs.

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Metal Stamped Automotive Systems

At Pacific Metal Stampings we understand that the automotive industry demands strict tolerances and have worked to create component parts for multiple vehicle systems and sub-systems for a wide range of vehicle types. Within every one of these systems and sub-systems are a host of possible part types, materials and specifications.

Automotive SystemsCommon Metal Stamped Parts
Airbag System Inflators, Diffusers, Modules, Initiators
Brake System Anti-Lock Brake Systems, Foundation Brakes, Parking Brakes, Brake Modules, Brake ECU's, Mounting Isolators, Grommets, Covers, Caps
Cooling System Thermostats, fittings, Connectors, Housings, Shells, Flanges
Emissions/Pollution Control System Oxygen Sensors, Oxygen Sensor Wire Harnesses, EGR, Urea Injection, Shields
Fuel Delivery System Fuel Rail, Direct Injection Fuel Pump Fittings, Injector Cups, Caps, Shells, Housings
Lighting Components Bayonet Sockets, Reflectors, Shields
Motor Supports Motor Housings, Armatures
Sensory Components Sensor Housings, Core Tubes
Transmission & Chasis Rotary Valves, Valve Bodies, Valve Inlets, Valve Seals, Valve Actuators, Bonded Piston Stampings


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