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Custom Stamped Parts

Industrial Custom Stamped Parts

Pacific Metal Stampings has extensive experience creating custom stamped parts for a multitude of industries. Some of the custom precision metal products include: manufacturing bus bars, flanges, escutcheons, fasteners, battery contacts, electrical housing, clips, washers and a wide variety of other products.

Custom Metal Stampings by Industries

We manufacture everything from jet engine components to bottle openers. Below you will find a sample of the industries we work with on a regular basis:

Aerospace Metal Stamping - Aerospace Metal Forming & Bending


Custom parts from small electronic components, fittings and couplings to parts for seats, air-frames and more.

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Medical Metal Stampings - Metal Stamping Medical Device


Custom stampings include: Surgical devices and equipment, probes, device pumps and motors, and implantable devices.

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Construction Metal Stamping - Metal Stamped Construction Parts


When you choose Pacific Metal Stampings for your construction needs, you will always enjoy..

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Automotive Metal Stamping - Automotive Stamping Parts


Automotive stampings are manufactured for multiple vehicle systems and sub-systems for a wide range of vehicle types.

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Electrical Stamping Parts & Components


Custom manufacturing electronic components for data communications, telecommunications, computer, and appliances.

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Metal Stamping for Marine Components & Precision Parts


Pacific Metal Stampings can manufacture custom stamped connectors, fittings and couplings, caps, enclosures and housings.

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Lighting Components Metal Stamping - Metal Stamped Light Fixtures


Custom panels can be manufactured to help illuminate any area.

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