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Aluminum Stamping Services

With over 50 years of experience, Pacific Metal Stampings provides precision stamping services for deep drawn aluminum parts. Backed by extensive manufacturing experience and the latest technology, we provide exceptional stamped aluminum parts that can meet all industry-accepted standards. As an ISO certified company, we are committed to providing excellent services for your aluminum stamping project.

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Stamping Aluminum Applications

Conductive, lightweight and lustrous in appearance, aluminum is commonly alloyed with other metals for increased strength and adaptability. Aluminum is ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications since it does not release taste or toxins during packaging. In addition, we can produce superior quality stamped metal components for a broad range of industrial, commercial and consumer industries, including:

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An expert in high-quality, close-tolerance metal components for clients around the U.S. and abroad, Pacific Metal Stampings has over five decades of experience in metal stamping and tooling. Aluminum stamping operations include:

  • Piercing
  • Coining

Stamping Aluminum Grades

Aluminum is a silvery-white metal that has comparable strength to carbon steel but at roughly one-third the density. This alloy is very ductile and malleable making it ideal for precision stamping processes.

Aluminum stamping can also be anodized to enhance surface hardness and corrosion resistance in challenging environments. Common aluminum stamping uses include:

Aluminum AlloyCommon Applications
Stamping 1100 Aluminum Spun parts, chemical equipment, and anodized parts
Stamping 2024 Aluminum & 7075 Aluminum Aircraft & screw machine components
Stamping 3003 Aluminum Hardware, furniture & cooking utensils
Stamping 5052 Aluminum Sheet metal ductwork
Stamping 6061 Aluminum Marine hardware, architectural structures & aerospace components
Stamping 6063 Aluminum Extruded architectural structures & pipes

Depending upon your unique requirements, Pacific Metal Stampings team can help you find the most cost-effective aluminum alloy for your stamping project.

Stamped Aluminum Components Characteristics 

Deep drawn stamped aluminum parts have many features and benefits that make this alloy ideal for many applications.

Features and advantages of aluminum stamping include:

  • Ductility: Aluminum has a low melting point that allows flexible formation throughout product design, making it ideal for the power storage, beverage container, battery, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical and decorative packaging industries.
  • Reflectivity: Often used for solar technology and similar applications, aluminum is reflective of light and heat.
  • Recyclability: Aluminum is easily recycled without deterioration, making it highly sustainable.
  • Corrosion-resistance: Aluminum generates a natural oxide coating, and is tolerant to moisture and most chemicals.
  • Lightweight strength: Aluminum has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and is especially strong when combined with other metals. This is critical to the automotive and aerospace industries, where excess weight elimination improves fuel economy.

An ISO 9001 certified company, Pacific Metal Stampings delivers proven quality with unparalleled attention to detail. Ensuring your project’s success from start to finish, we help our business partners optimize operational efficiency and product quality.  Contact Us today to learn more about our stamped aluminum parts.

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